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Health insurance kenya

5 Reasons To Invest in Health Insurance Cover Kenya

The fact that medical insurance isn’t a legal requirement in Kenya doesn’t mean it’s not a necessity. To the contrary, it’s the most significant and thoughtful cover you can ever purchase. Here’s 5 reasons why you need health insurance cover Kenya.

5 Benefits of Health Insurance Cover Kenya

1. Payment of your health bills
This is the basic benefit of a medical cover. All you need to do is file a claim for a case where you or anyone covered in the policy suffers a condition covered under the same policy. For medical conditions that are too costly (e.g. chemotherapy, kidney dialysis), the insurer will definitely not cover the whole cost but will fund a milestone minimizing the bills.
2. Peace of mind
As earlier mentioned, health risks are unpredictable and thus it will be comforting knowing that you`re covered or can get instant care in case of anything. When you`re at peace, you aren`t stressed or depressed which can have a positive impact on your general health.
3. Access to screenings and regular check-ups
Note, the key to successful treatment of diseases such as cancer, STDs, diabetes etc. lies in early detection/diagnosis. Therefore, when you have access to check-ups and screenings it can help in early diagnosis of any medical condition which will translate to successful treatment prolonging life. Checkups are especially paramount as one become older as they are more prone to illnesses.
4. Increased privacy during treatments
Most insurers network with a large panel of hospitals. This increases your access and hospital choices alongside flexibility on consultation hour. In turn, you won`t have to line-up for consultation especially when a famous medical consultant is in a given hospital. That increases privacy too especially where some queues are for a specific health condition e.g. UTIs.
5. Prevent chances of experiencing medical bankruptcy
Health treatments are expensive with the cost varying with the type of illness. Now, consider a disease that involves long periods of treatment, the cost of consultation alone can be too high with time not to mention the medication and surgical processes if needed. That’s to say, medical cost without a cover can leave you bankrupt, with accumulated debts.
In conclusion, these are some of the health insurance benefits. It can be hard paying amounts of money you aren’t sure you’ll ever use, but it’s certainly better to have a cover than not.

Do you need help getting the right medical cover for your needs? Talk to us 🙂 We are always ready to help 🙂

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